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Happy Paws

The ‘Happy Paws’ Health Plan

Our plan covers:

  • Booster Vaccinations
  • Flea treatments
  • Worm treatments
  • Tick protection (if required)

The flea and worm treatments on the plan are substantially discounted compared to buying them over the counter, and the monthly payments allow you to spread their cost. In addition, we send a monthly text message reminder to apply your flea treatments, or order more if you run out.

Not all flea and worm treatments are the same. The products on our plan are safe, convenient, effective and very competitively priced.

Please be aware that the plan is not an insurance policy, so you may also wish to take out insurance cover should your pet require treatment for a mishap or illness.

Each additional pet registered to the Happy Paws Health Plan after the first comes at a £1 discount per month.

Additional benefits

The plan also includes:

  • 10% off routine neutering operations
  • Kennel Cough vaccinations at half price
  • A free nurse consultation every year (Clipping claws, expressing anal glands, etc)

Here you can download a copy of one of our Health Plan pamphlets for reference.