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Routine Treatment Fees

Below you can find a price list for our most common routine treatments and procedures. We will endeavour to keep this price list as accurate as possible as our prices change over time.

Please be aware that our Happy Paws Health Plan offers discounts on preventative healthcare and nurse consultations!

Routine Healthcare:

Vaccinations & Microchipping:

All pets on our Happy Paws Health Plan receive their booster vaccinations free of charge, while dogs also get their Kennel Cough vaccines at half price.

Initial vaccination for a cat or dog: £36.17
Secondary vaccination (if first was administered at Craig Robinson’s): £17.56
Secondary vaccination (if not): £35.11

Canine booster vaccination (Routine annual): £34.85
Canine booster vaccination (Kennel Cough): £22.76

Feline booster vaccination (Routine annual): £34.85
Feline booster vaccination (Triennial, includes Feline Leukaemia): £42.59

Microchipping of a pet: £19.84

Consultation Fees:

Our consultation fees are standardized as A or B based upon the length and complexity of the consultation. We also have standard fees for other specific routine consultations. Certain consultations such as expressing anal glands or clipping claws can be done by either a vet or a nurse depending on your preference. If your pet is on the Happy Paws Health Plan, one nurse consultation per year can be done free of charge.

Consultation Fee A: This is charged when the pet presents with a new problem and is diagnosed and prescribed treatment if necessary. This costs £30.20.

Consultation Fee B: This is a reduced fee used for follow-up appointments regarding ongoing issues after an initial consultation, or sometimes for shorter, simpler consultations. This costs £20.16.

Repeat Med Check: This is charged for special appointments when a pet is on long term medication. Every 6 months, we are required to give the pet a check-up to make sure they are still doing well and do not require any changes to their treatment plan. You are more than welcome to book Med Checks more regularly than every 6 months if you prefer. A Repeat Med Check fee is £11.78, but please be aware that depending on the medicine your pet is on there may be additional charges if lab work is needed alongside the health check.

Expression of Anal Glands: If your pet needs their anal glands expressed, one of our vets or nurses will be happy to oblige. This costs £11.92.

Claw Clipping: Similarly, our vets and nurses are more than happy to give your pet a quick trim if they are getting a bit long in the claw! This costs £8.94.

Elective Procedures:


The cost of routine neutering depends on several factors; the species, sex, weight and (in specific cases) the breed of the animal are all taken into account. Below you can find our costs for neutering operations. A pet on our Happy Paws Health Plan will receive a 10% discount to the cost of their neutering. All costs listed below are inclusive of the operation, general anaesthetic, medication to go home with and also a post-operative check-up if deemed necessary. We can usually fit your pet in within a week’s notice.

Neutering of a male dog: £129.59
Neutering of a male dog over 45kg: £171.46
Neutering of a male dog of a brachycephalic/flat-faced breed (Bulldog, boxer, pug etc): £155.15

Neutering of a female dog: £231.53
Neutering of a female dog over 30kg: £270.04
Neutering of a female dog of a brachycephalic/flat-faced breed (Bulldog, boxer, pug etc): £257.10

Neutering of a male cat: £68.52
Neutering of a female cat: £92.09

Neutering of a male rabbit: £64.27
Neutering of a female rabbit: £90.56


The cost of dental work is very variable, depending on factors such as the amount of teeth removed, the length of the anaesthetic, and whether medicines such as antibiotics need to be dispensed afterwards. Due to this, when giving prices for dentistry we will instead give a ballpark range of what the final bill will amount to. We will always endeavour to stay below any estimate given, but unfortunately it is unavoidable that in rare cases the bill can become significantly larger than originally estimated.

For dental work for a dog, our prices range from approx. £200-450.
For dental work for a cat, our prices range from approx. £150-250.
For dental work for a rabbit, our prices can go up to approx. £100.

Please be aware that before booking in for dentistry, we usually require an initial consultation to determine whether dentistry is required or viable. We can usually fit your pet in for the procedure itself within a week’s notice.

Written Prescriptions:

At our practice, we also offer the option to write a prescription for your animal’s medicines that you can then take to a wholesaler of your choice in order to buy your pet’s medication elsewhere. We charge an administrative fee of £27 (per pet, per medicine) for these prescriptions and they are valid for three months at a time. If you opt for this method, we would ask that you still bring your pet in for a biannual Repeat Med Check (see above).

Other Enquiries

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to give you an estimated cost tailored to your animal’s needs.

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