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Blood Tests

Blood tests are very important for helping your vet to diagnose problems and illnesses in your pet. The tests we request are almost the same as those your GP may request for you. Regular screening blood tests are an important part of on-going preventative healthcare for senior pets.

Blood tests look at the function of the organs (e.g. liver, kidney and pancreas) and organ systems (e.g. the immune system) of your pet. We can also assess the progress of a metabolic disease or an infection. Some enzymes can be tested to check for potential muscle damage, and generalised inflammation.

Blood biochemistry is the analysis of chemicals in the blood. Haematology is the analysis of the red and white blood cells. These test are used to assess the hydration status of a pet, and to diagnose anaemia, inflammation or infection and how the pet’s immune system is reacting to it.

Blood tests are used prior to general anaesthesia to identify problems that could arise and to adjust medications used for a procedure. Blood tests are also used to monitor potential side effects from the use of certain drugs.

Blood sampling

This is a simple procedure that can be carried out quickly, often during a consultation. A small amount of hair from your pet’s leg or neck may need to be clipped. The sample is then placed into special tubes and processed either at Craig Robinson Vets’ in-house laboratory or sent to an external laboratory.