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All pet rabbits should be vaccinated against RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) and Myxomatosis. Both diseases are very common in the Carlisle area, especially Myxomatosis.

Nobivac Myxo RHD is a combined vaccine for both diseases. It can be administered from 6 weeks of age and immunity lasts one year.

Both diseases are caused by a virus and spread by insects, so rabbits should ideally be vaccinated in April or May, just before the period when insects are most active.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) is spread by direct contact between rabbits, and indirectly by fleas, people and clothing, and only affects rabbits. 90% of infected rabbits develop symptoms which include loss of appetite and nose bleeds. The disease progresses rapidly with nearly 50% of affected rabbits dying, usually suddenly.

Myxomatosis is mainly spread by fleas and other biting insects, especially in spring and summer. Symptoms include puffy, fluid-filled swellings around the eyes, mouth and genitals, and a thick discharge from the eyes and nose. Following infection eating and drinking becomes progressively more difficult and death usually follows within twelve days. Myxomatosis is very, very common.