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If your cat disappears your chances of having him returned to you are better if he’s been microchipped. This can be done at second vaccination. The chip is smaller than a grain of rice and implanting it will not distress your cat.

After implantation, we will register your contact details on to an online database run by PetTrac so please make sure we have all the correct and most up to date details possible. Similarly if you change your phone number, address or name make sure to ring PetTrac to update your details.

Should you find a lost or stray cat, bringing them to the vet to have their chip scanned can help reunite the pet with their owner.

If your cat is lost, letting us know their last known location along with a description of the cat and your own contact details can help, but keeping an up to date microchip registered is the most reliable option to help your cat find their way back to you.