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Fleas & Worms

There is a variety of products available for parasite control in cats. Generally, we recommend a monthly application of Selehold spot-on to cover the cat for fleas and roundworms, supplemented with Milprazon worming tablets every 6 months to kill any other worms (Most notably tapeworms) not caught by the Selehold. If you would also like protection against ticks, we can offer a product called Credelio, which is a tablet to cover for ticks and fleas. This would require more regular worming (I.e. every 3 months instead of 6) to make up for the lack of worming component in Credelio. Tapewormers can also either be in a tablet (Milprazon) or spot-on (Profender) form.

If you have a young kitten, we recommend worming with Selehold monthly from 6 weeks of age to give the kitten the best possible chance of growing up healthy and unburdened by common parasites. At 6 months of age, they will be moved on to the above mentioned schedule for adult cats.