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Early socialisation and training

It’s important your dog learns a few basic commands in order to keep him or her safe and to keep pet ownership enjoyable for you.

Dogs should ideally learn to walk on a lead, to sit, to stay and to come when called. Your dog should also be taught not to jump up as this can be terrifying for a child and it’s embarrassing when your doggy puts his or her muddy paws on a stranger’s clean clothes!

Puppy Socialisation Sessions and Dog Training Classes are always on-going in and around Carlisle and we’ll be glad to provide you with the latest contact details of the people who organise them. They are a great way for dogs to learn how to get on with each other and for you to learn how to teach your dog the basics at home. You’ll probably also enjoy meeting others who share your love of dogs.

Your puppy is never too young to start learning. The key is consistency. The rules mustn’t change from day to day and sessions should be short and incorporated into your daily routine. Good training should be all about reward, but firmness will be required at times.