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PETS Travel Scheme

The PETS Travel Scheme was introduced to allow pet dogs and cats to re-enter the United Kingdom after travelling abroad without being quarantined. We strongly advise that you read the governments website for detailed information about the scheme.

Requirements of the scheme:

  • a microchip
  • a rabies vaccination
  • a pet passport
  • a tapeworm treatment (dogs only)

You must also use an approved transport company and an approved route unless you’re travelling between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. You must wait 21 whole days from the date of the rabies vaccination before re-entry to the UK is allowed.

The UK Pet Passport is a re-entry passport, meaning it’s issued for you pet to allow your pet to come back into the UK. It does not necessarily give you the right to enter foreign countries with your pet. You should always contact DEFRA to enquire about the import requirements for any particular country.

If you would like any help or advice on taking your pet abroad please contact the surgery.