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It is important to provide your bitch with a quiet, private area where she can deliver her pups without too much disturbance, and with minimal people present. However, you should also be able to observe the birth and be on-hand to assist should the need arise. Whelping is divided into three stages, called stages one, […]


If your bitch is whelping and you don’t feel you have time to read the whole article please scroll down to “When to contact your veterinary surgeon”. We can perform an ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy from 28 days after mating. It is not possible to determine the exact number of pups using our high-resolution […]


Male dogs can be neutered from six months of age though we often recommend waiting until they start to ‘cock’ their leg. If male dogs are not neutered they are likely to: Develop unwanted sexual behaviour Roam Become dominant or aggressive Develop prostate disease later in life Female dogs are usually neutered (or spayed) three […]